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Bring your own builder to the scenic countryside development of Twin Rocks. In one of Verona’s newest subdivisions, Twin Rock will have 27 lots, 1.25-2.24 acres ranging from 189,000-229,000. Residents will enjoy spacious lots, peaceful prairie views, and ample outdoor activity. All just a short drive to downtown Madison. Ready to build your dream home?

Twin Rock is approximately...

4.4 miles to Main Street Verona

4.5 miles to High School

5 miles to Epic

19 miles to Capital

19 miles to Middleton

13.4 miles to Tyrol Basin

5.1 miles to military ridge bike trail

Twin Rock Map.jpg

Twin Rock Dairy was established in 1919 by Christian and Barbara Zurbuchen, who named the farm after a pair of rock outcroppings on the property. The Zurbuchen family continued to live on the farm until they sold the property in 2019. The Twin Rock development was planned and built in the shadows of the original farmhouse and barn, which bears the development’s namesake. The rocks that inspired Twin Rock Dairy’s name remain to this day, and a new road, Twin Rock Road, pays homage to the Zurbuchens’ legacy.

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